I would like to take the time to wish you a happy holiday, no matter how you celebrate. In this vein, I offer you a gift. 
     Yeah, yeah, it's unedited and my poor editors have had NOTHING to do with this, so all mistakes, runon sentences, and plot problems are my own and no one elses.
     ALTHOUGH, I'm told I should put a warning or two up. It's mine, my idea, my story, and all that goodie rot. So no posting of the story anywhere. Link to this page if you have to, but don't put it anywhere else... Link to this page only, PLEASE!
     Also, it's imperative that I put up a content warning and a save the children's morals page. This is it. Go any farther and it's on you! You kiddies...
please, don't go any farther.

Thanks, enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Brenda Bryce
No, I'm not over 18.
Yes, I'm over 18.