You Never Can Tell
                                                         Brenda Bryce

Alice Jones sat alone in the diner eating her cheeseburger with the works and fries, washing it down with unsweetened tea. It was her comfort food and she really needed it.
  The holidays were upon her once again, and, as usual, she was alone and lonely. She really hated this time of year. Everyone was happy, smiling, rushing around, bemoaning the fact that they had to get one more present for an unexpected guest or loved one.
  She had no one to buy for, no one -- or two for that matter, which was her fondest fantasy -- to celebrate with. Standard operating procedure for her late December.
  Okay, so she was a perv at heart and really needed something beyond the norm sexually, and living in a small town made her wishes impossible. She would probably have to move to a big city and find a club that caters to her special needs. After the holidays. That’s what she should do. Would do, after the season rush at the store where she worked ended.
  Alice tossed a couple of bills on the table and gathering her jacket and handbag, strode to the cash register.
  “How was everything, sweetie?”
  Looking up at the cashier, banishing her dreams of being needed and wanted, Alice smiled softly and pushed her long brown hair away from her face. “It was great as usual, Maggie.”
  “Glad to hear it.” Maggie took her money, gave her change then smiled hugely. “Have a wonderful Christmas, dear.”
  “I’ll try.” Alice waved as she left the diner and stepped into the cold of the winter evening.
  Those who live to the north laugh at the whining of the southerners at any drop in temperature, but to a southerner’s thin blood, forties were exceedingly cold. Tonight it was already in the thirties and the sky had the dark clouds that foretold rain.
  Picking up her step, Alice rushed to her small compact sedan and settled inside. Turning on the car, praying for the engine to heat up so she could crank the heater, she rubbed her hands together for the warmth she could generate.
  Once the car had warmed up sufficiently, she pulled out of the diner’s parking lot. The front tires skidded a little and Alice took her foot off the gas to let the tires regain traction.
  “Holy mackerel. I sure hope this isn’t an indicator on how the ride’s going to be.”
  Tense, Alice left the center of town. She’d always liked living outside of the city limits, but as the sun went down, the temperatures dropped, and the icy rain started to fall, Alice wondered if it wouldn’t have been better to have a place closer in.
  A movement on the side of the road distracted her for the nanosecond it took for her to hit a slick patch in the road and the steering wheel jerked out of her hands. Trying to regain control, Alice held her breath and fought for traction.
  The large tree rose up out of the rain and ice, and Alice closed her eyes, resolved, just before impact.
* * *
  Head pounding, Alice woke to warmth. Her whole body felt as if she were sitting in a furnace. She lay on her side, her arm crushed beneath her, but when she tried to roll over onto her back, she met an immovable object.
  “Lay still.”
  Alice’s muscles clenched in fear at the quietly spoken command. The voice had been male and unknown to her.
  “You’ve scared her, Jake.”
  Everything within her jerked at the second voice. Two men she didn’t know and she was trapped between them.
  Her eyes flashed open and the man pressed against her front smiled. He had dark skin, chocolate brown eyes and a shiny bald head. His teeth flashed whitely against his skin when he smiled at her.
  “Well, hello there, pretty lady.”
  Alice’s scream echoed in the room even after she leapt up and stood staring in fright at the two men reclining on the massive bed.
  “Now you’ve scared her, Alan.” The other man rolled to his back and lifted his tanned, massively muscled arms to fold his hands under his head. His blue eyes ran over her body and she felt heat follow their trail. His black bangs fell over his forehead as he continued to stare at her and he didn’t take his rapt gaze from her as he pushed the hair out of his way.
  Both men were freaking huge. Even reclining, she could tell they would be well over six feet tall. Even through her overwhelming fear, she still marveled at how gorgeous they were.
  And naked.
  Neither man wore a stitch of clothing and Alice was unable to keep her eyes on their faces. She couldn’t help the downward turn of her gaze, but the sight of their huge cocks growing under her appraisal had her shooting her attention back to their amused gazes.
  A cold draft of air caressed her body and she shivered.
  Please, please don’t let me be…
  The squeak erupted from her tight throat when she noticed the men weren’t the only ones in the room that were naked.
  “What the hell is going on here?” The words were practically ripped from her body.
  The men winced at her volume, but they soon regained their smiles.
  “We aren’t going to hurt you,” the one named Alan said softly. “In fact, we might have saved your life.”
  Alice frowned. “Saved my life?”
  The hair fell once again into the eyes of the other man, Jake, as he nodded. “You had plowed your car into a tree and was about to freeze to death. We pulled you out and got you warm again.”
  Confused, Alice lifted a shaky hand to rub her forehead.
  “Don’t--” The men shouted in unison, but it was too late. She touched the lump on her head and pain shot through her brain.
  Flashes of light exploded behind her closed eyelids and her knees buckled.
  Arms, a whole lot of them, caught her before she could slip to the floor and she was hauled back onto the bed.
  “I’m all right.” Alice’s voice was weak, but she didn’t feel like she was going to faint anymore.
  She lay there for a few moments, between the men, and eventually tested her strength by opening her eyes and looking at each one of them in turn.
  “I obviously survived the crash, but why didn’t you take me to the doctor or call an ambulance for me instead of bringing me here?”
  “The storm.” Alan smiled at her when he had her attention. He seemed to do that a lot. He had a great smile.
  “What storm?”
  Jake touched her chin and turned her attention to him. “The one that hit right after we witnessed you sliding off the road into the maple.”
  “You saw it?”
  Nodding, Alan ran his big, warm hand over her stomach soothingly. “You were doing good, then all of a sudden, you had become one with the tree. We ran over, pulled you out of your car, got you into ours, and brought you here. We would have taken you back to town except for the ice storm.”
  Alice thought it over and decided they had probably done the best thing. From where she was laying, she could see a window over Jake’s shoulder. The storm made it impossible to see beyond the glass and she could hear the howling of the wind. No way would they make it to town now.
  “Thank you. Both of you. You probably saved my life.”
  “Think nothing of it. It was our pleasure.”
  Jake ran his hand over her hair repeatedly. She felt petted and secure. As sleep overtook her, she heard Jake whisper, “It will most definitely be our pleasure.”
* * *
  Alice sat on the couch in the tidy living room, reading a book. The fire flickered merrily in the fireplace, keeping her nice and toasty.
  The guys’ house was comfortable and without the tacky guy furniture she’d always heard occupied a single man’s house. Each piece matched the décor and Alice wondered if they had done it themselves or if they’d had a decorator in.
  It was a very relaxing room, and she’d spent several hours in it since she’d woken, alone, in the huge bed. Alan and Jake had been found working in a home office. They’d given her the run of the house and she’d taken it. She’d done a cursory exploration of the whole house and found everything to be wonderful. Afterwards, she’d found a book and settled in here.
  Now, though, she was feeling a bit lonely. Maybe she could talk to them, find out more about them.
  The office was empty, but she heard a noise coming from the bedroom. Following the odd sounds, she put her hand on the bedroom door and pushed it open just a little.
  Her breath caught at the sight that greeted her.
  Alan was on all fours on the bed, his dark brown skin gleaming with the sweat that ran from his big body. Jake knelt behind him, thrusting his thick, dark red cock into Alan’s firm ass.
  Oh My Gosh!
  They were gay, and holy cow, they were hot.
  Alice couldn’t take her eyes off the two large men as they went at it. God, they were beautiful. Jake’s hands tightly gripped Alan’s hips and was pulling Alan’s ass into each hard thrust. Head down, hair in his face, he had a look of abject lust as he watched his cock slide in and out of Alan’s body. Alan’s head was thrown back and his back swayed each time he pushed back onto Jake.
  Both men were making grunting noises as their bodies pounded together. Each sound they made, each movement, had Alice’s own body aching. Her nipples hardened, her pussy clenched, and her breathing quickened to the point of near orgasm. If only she were…
  Jake released his grip on Alan’s hip with one hand and reached down to grab Alan’s hard, thick cock in his hand and started pumping the shaft in time with his thrusts.
  Alan shouted and cum spurted from his plumed head and Jake pounded hard into his ass once more, and then came with a shout of his own.
  Nearly coming herself just watching, she jumped back when both men looked directly at her.
  Alice ran back to the living room and flung herself onto the couch. Her body was on fire and in dire need of relief.
  Her hand slid over her abdomen. She’d take care of it herself if she had to, but damn it, she was going to come. She only hoped the guys would stay in the bedroom long enough for her to finish.
  Releasing the button on her jeans, she tugged down the zipper. Her hand slid inside her pants and under the elastic band of her underwear until she touched the soft hairs that surrounded her pussy. Sliding her middle finger between the folds she touched her clit. Her whole body jerked at the sensation, she was so ready to come. Hips thrusting, she rubbed her clit hard, over and over, then dipped two fingers deep inside. She was so close.
  A noise had her eyes flying open and her breath caught at the sight of the two men standing in the room, naked, watching her with heated expressions.
  “Finish, Alice.” Jake ordered.
  “But…” Alice couldn’t breathe, she was so close.
  “Finish. I want to watch you cum.” He took a menacing step forward.
  Her hand moved of its own volition, following his command. That quickly, she was back at the edge of release. Furiously, her hand worked her body, her eyes not leaving the two men as they stood in front of her, hands fisting their hardening cocks, stroking them slowly as they watched her in return.
  “That’s it, Alice, come for us.” Alan’s deep voice was whisper soft as he encouraged her to finish.
  “Now, Alice, come now.” Jake’s voice whipped across her senses and her body exploded.
  Her back arched as heat shot through her whole body. Waves of pleasure lashed her. It went on forever and not long enough.
  When she regained command of her senses, it was to find a man on either side of her on the couch, running their hands soothingly over her body and hair.
  “Good girl, Alice.” Jake’s tone was pleased.
  “Beautiful.” Alan sounded awed.
  It was, she thought, exhilarating to know she’d pleased them.
  Embarrassment tried to raise its ugly head, but Alice knocked it down, snuffed it out. The men hadn’t shown embarrassment when she’d caught them, and now she would be as stoic.
  Over her head, Alan looked at Jake, and after kissing her on the forehead and rubbing the skin low on her belly with his big hand, said quite clearly, “I told you she was the one.”
  Alice blinked. “The one what?”
  Jake gazed down at her and smiled as he ran his calloused palm over her breast underneath her shirt and bra. “The one who would be our third.”
  “Third what?” Alice knew she wasn’t firing on all cylinders, but heck, who would after the mind blowing orgasm she’d just had? They weren’t helping, either, with their hands all over her body, arousing her anew.
  Why she was letting complete strangers touch her as they were, she didn’t know or rightly care since it felt so damned good. It just seemed right and she wasn’t in the frame of mind to fight it.
  Alan kissed her mouth, just a brush of his thick lips against hers, and sighed. “We’ve been looking for a woman who would be ours. Ours to love, ours to keep, ours for always.”
  “But you have each other.” She knew that for a fact after watching them. They were most definitely a couple.
  “We only waited for our third, the one who would complete us.” Coming from Jake, it sounded reasonable.
  “And you think I’m the one you’ve been waiting for?” Her heartbeat sped up. No way could they know that all her fantasies were of ménage. No way. She’d never told a soul.
  “Absolutely.” Alan laughed softly and slipped his hand across the front seam of her jeans.  “And from the way you reacted to seeing us, proves that I’m right.”
  Alice’s head spun. They were bisexual. And they wanted her. Or, at least, they said they wanted her.
  “Really?” She needed to hear them say it again. Just so she could believe.
  It was Jake who answered her. He took her chin between his finger and thumb and turned her to face him. “Yes, really.” Having said all he was going to, he swooped in and took control of her mouth. Hard, hot kisses made her head spin. When he tugged on her chin, she opened to him and he took the opportunity to delve deeply.
  Alan pressed kisses onto her neck and shoulder, and tugging at the neckline of her shirt, he bared her bra covered breast.
  “Let’s get her out of this.” Alan suggested as he reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted it.
  Jake broke the kiss and before she could catch her breath, they’d stripped her of her shirt and bra and were working on her jeans.
  She thought to protest, but who was she kidding. Two hot guys were about to fulfill her darkest fantasies. Two men at once… Yeah, she was going to keep her darned mouth shut.
  She wasn’t sure which one suggested it, but both seemed to agree. Jake lifted her into his arms, and Alan took the opportunity to strip her out of her jeans and toss them aside.
  Alice could only manage the shifting of her gaze from one man to the other as she was carried into the bedroom and settled in the center of the large bed. Her breath came in rapid pants and her heartbeat pounded in her chest.
  Perhaps this is all a dream. God, she hoped not. Pinching herself settled that worry for her, and when Alan leaned over her, she opened her arms and drew him into her kiss.
  Alan’s kiss was different than Jake’s. Not as forceful and overpowering. It was exceedingly gentle, but no less overwhelming. Her mind spun as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and, jeeze, licked across hers. It was the most erotic thing she’d experienced to date.
  At least until Jake joined them on the bed. He pulled her thighs apart and settled between them. His hot breath wafted against the sensitive folds of her pussy and she could feel the juices trickling from her body with anticipation.
  Without breaking the kiss, Alan cupped one of her breasts and rubbed the pad of his thumb across her aching nipple. She sighed into his mouth at the sensation and he chuckled. “Like that, do you?”
  “Let’s find out what else you like.” That from Jake just before he separated her labial lips and sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth.
  She couldn’t help the shriek that erupted from her, nor could she keep from arching her back. Alan chuckled again and pinched her nipple hard enough to catch her attention.
  “Yeah, that’s beautiful.” He dropped his head and reclaimed her mouth.
  She tightened her arms around his neck and arched into his wide chest, rubbing her swollen breasts against him in search of relief.
  Jake continued to lick and suck on her pussy, then slipped two fingers into her.
  She was overloading. It was too much.
  He must have felt her orgasm coming on because Jake stopped moving his fingers inside her and growled. “Don’t come. Not yet. Not until I say you can.”
  “Aughh!” The scream was ripped from her body as she tried to control herself.
  “Better hang on, girl. He means it.” Alan’s whispered admonishment gave her a finger hold on her control. She was able to push the need down enough that she was no longer on the threshold of orgasm.
  When her body began to relax, the men sat back on their heels and stared down at her.
  She waited to see what they would do next. When it came, she thought she’d found nirvana.
  Jake lay on his back, tugging her up and over his body until she lay flat on top of him. He ran his hands into her hair and kissed her hard, then nudged her slit with his rock hard erection. Rubbing it between her legs and against her clit, she dropped her legs to the bed at his hips and angled her hips to take him inside.
  “Ah-ah-ah.” Alan’s admonishment came from above her. He gripped her hips to keep her from taking Jake and pulled her up onto her knees. “It’s not time for that yet. You’ve got some preparing to do first.”
  Alice looked over her shoulder at Alan, wondering what he meant. Her breath caught when he waved a bottle of lube at her and she understood.
  Great Scott. Her fantasies were going to come true. Right here, right now and with the hottest guys she’d ever met. Hot damn!
  Enticingly, she wiggled her ass. “What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?”
  Alan laughed when Jake reached up and smacked her on the ass.
  She smiled at Jake and kissed him.
  “Behave, woman.”
  “Jake, you’re so bossy.”
  His blue eyes darkened and his brow furrowed. “Get used to it, it’s how I am.”
  “Oh, Jake. I am already used to it. I’m just impatient.”
  The smile that grew on Jake’s face had Alice grinning again and dropping down to cover Jake’s smile with her lips.
  Cool fingers pressed against her anus and Alice stilled.
  “Push out, little girl.” Alan instructed.
  When she did as he said, he pressed his thick, lubed fingertip past the ring of muscles and into her body.
  “Ah, God!” It felt so good. The pressure of his finger sliding in and out of her shot tingles of sensation all over her body.
  Jake took the opportunity to slide his finger against her clit, eliciting fireworks inside of her
  They continued their ministrations till she started moving her hips in time with their strokes, then Alan slid his finger out of her and inserted two.
  “So tight. You’re going to strangle my cock when I get inside you.” He sounded raspy and distracted, but he didn’t stop the wonderful things he was doing to her ass. Twisting and separating his fingers, he was stretching her, preparing her for his cock.
  Fisting his hand in her hair, Jake pulled her down on him again, delving deeply into her mouth as his fingers slipped into her pussy.
  She moaned, unable to deny them. Oh, how she wanted them.
  Breaking the kiss, she panted hard. When she had enough breath, she pleaded with them.
  “Take me, NOW!”
  Their chuckles were dark, needy, just as she was and she knew they were also at the end of their ropes.
  Hands on her hips, Jake canted her and slipped inside of her. Hard, deep, endlessly. God, he felt good inside of her. She was full of his cock and could feel him butting up against her cervix.
  “Yes. Fuck me.”
  “Patience, love. Alan has yet to join with us.”
  “Please. Hurry.” She glanced over her shoulder and watched as Alan spread her cheeks apart and fit the dark head of his cock to her. Pressing hard, she gasped when he popped past the spasming ring of muscle and entered her body. Slowly, oh so slowly, he pushed inside of her inch by inch, until the hair at the base of his cock rested against her ass.
  “Full. Jeeze. I’m so full.”
  The men paused when they were buried to the hilt in her for a moment, letting her get used to the feel of them. When she could stand it no longer, she wiggled her hips and pleaded with them.
  “Move. Fuck me. Please.”
  Alan pulled back till he was barely within her, and Jake caught the rhythm. When one pulled out, the other pushed in, timelessly, neverending, until she thought she would die of pleasure.
  The tempo sped up and they began to pound into her as if they were trying to climb into her body. On and on they continued the hard, fast beat. She flew higher and her body drew tighter until she screamed with the pleasure.
  “Cum, now!” Jake’s order shot her over the cliff where her mind and body exploded.
  Alan tensed above her and he hollered as he joined her in ecstasy. Jake, murmured encouragement to both of them as they flew, then he tensed and joined them.
  Alice dropped onto Jake’s chest bonelessly, panting, eyes closed, replete.
  Alan’s body weight came down on her back until she was sandwiched between the two men. Rolling to the side, Alan drew her with him until all three lay on their sides, many hands rubbed soothingly over her body.
  Never had she felt so complete. Fulfilled.
  She rested for a few minutes, then stirred.
  Glancing over her shoulder at the satisfied grin on Alan’s face she couldn’t help but smile. He was so cute laying there like a cuddly bear.
  Turning to look at Jake, she found him staring determinedly at her.
  “What is it?”
  His gaze intent, he gently pushed her hair back over her shoulder. “You will stay with us.”
  Not a request. A demand.
  There was no way on this earth she wouldn’t give in to that order. It was her dreams and fantasies come to life.
  Alan apparently didn’t like her hesitation. “You will stay, won’t you? We need you.”
  “Of course I’ll stay. Consider me your Christmas present. I’ve got plans for you two and it might take a lifetime to fulfill them all.”
  They laughed and rained kisses down on her shoulders, neck, and face.
  When they let her up for air, she let her gaze roam between the two different, but equally gorgeous men that had found her and completed her.
  “I started this holiday lonely and alone, but you never can tell how it will turn out. Can you?”
                                                              * * *
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