Regulating Archimedes was just given the ECataRomance Reviewers Choice Award for the latter half of 2005. I thanked them kindly in an email, then ran around the house screaming with joy for five whole minutes. Having to share, I then updated my webpage. Thank you ECataRomance and thank you readers.
The Society 1: Regulating Archimedes

Stephen Westlake is more than just a vampire. He is the Society's Regulator. The Society needs a new chief scientist and Stephen has to find one. Piece of cake, right? Sure. Except when she turns out to be your new mate, too.

Disgruntled scientist Angela Heissman races against her biological clock to find a test for the anemia that killed her mother before she succumbs to her own. So after a foiled kidnapping that has
something do do with her serum, she couldn't be less interrested in a new man. Expecially one who says he is a vampire.

Angela doesn't believe in vampires, until Stephen proves it in living color. Then her scientist mind wants to test out the new reality, but her body just wants to test out

What does a nine hundred year old, cowboy and an adorably geeky scientist have in common? Everything.

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5 Stars

This book is laugh-out-loud, snort soda through your ose, brain meets stud romp that I absolutely could not put down!

Lynn Lowe
5 cups

I recommend this sensational story to anyone who enjoys reading about love with a vampire.

Susan White
The Romance Junkies
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Regulating Archimedes has all the potential of a reat paranormal series!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer:
Tracy Marsac
The Romance Studio
4 Hearts

Brenda Bryce is a very talented author who has created a book that will have readers looking for the next book in the series.

Angel Brewer
4 Angels

Bryce has written a really funny story here. She's managed to make it a true comedy, which is unusual, because the vampire genre seems to lend itslef to parody more than comedy. The writing is smooth and literate, if a bit flip; the characterizations are lively and - if one can say this of a vampire  - realistic

Reviewed by Jean
Just Erotic Romance Reviews
4 Stars

There were timjes in which I found myself laughing out loud by the interaction between Angela and Stephen, and there other times in which I was clenching my seat in great anticipation.

Contessa Scion
A Romance Review
4 Roses

Brenda Bryce's The Society 1:Regulating Archimedes offers a fantastic cast of characters!

Loves Romance Reviews
4 Hearts

Definitely one for vampire fans, Brenda Bryce has written a winner.