The Society 2: Midas' Treasure

ISBN: 1-59632-191-1

Author: Brenda Bryce
Cover Artist: Laura Givens
Price: $5.99

Mykil Votad, the Societyís Midas goes out for a bite and ends up nearly killing his prey. Mykil isnít a killer, he is an investor of the Societyís money, and takes the woman to his home to heal her.

To his immense shock, she has the Sumerian gene. He has found his mate!

Now to convince her of that.

Aileen Slipsworthy is a mild mannered childrenís book author. Okay, maybe not so mild mannered when it comes to her ex boyfriend or getting turned into a vampire by a complete stranger. So, the vampire is sexy as all get out, that doesnít give him the right to take her over completely.

Did she mention he was really, really sexy?

Maybe he can convince her to stick around if he gives her the right bribe.


Mykil was the first character I imagined when I considered writing vampires. He and Aileen nagged, cajoled, harangued, and were all around pests until their story was written. They (and I) would love for you to delve into their trials and tribulations, and most especially their love as a template for all beings to follow (their words, not mine).

Erotic Escapades

5 Crystal Tatoo's

This action packed page-turner has something for everyone sex, humor, and good old-fashioned mystery.

Enchanted Ramblings

5 Magical Wands

This book was a little longer than I could read at one sitting, but it kept my attention and imagination, even when I couldn't be reading it.

Fallen Angel Reviews

If you havenít got either of these in your library yet, you should place them high
on your to-be-bought list and grab ahold of them at your earliest opportunity

Enchanted in Romance

4.5 Unicorns

A paranormal love story that will leave you wanting more, and more you'll get.

Coffee Time Romance

4 Cups

Ms. Bryce combined an old world vampire with a very feisty human and
the results were not only humorous, but with the added sizzling sex scenes, explosive as well.

The Romance Studio

4.5 Hearts

Once again, she has given us a tale that is by turns laugh-out-loud funny and then bite-your-nails suspenseful.

Karen H.
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars

They (Mykil and Aileen) are the perfect couple to me, they donít always get along and thatís what makes it great.

Tasha Fisher
Loves Romance Reviews

4 Hearts

This can only get better and better.

TCM Reviews

I believe Brenda Bryce has great potential and her wit was evident in much of her dialogue.

Sandra Barkevich