The Society 3: Enforcing Justice

Brenda Bryce

ISBN: 978-1-59632-426-8
Cover Artist: Laura Givens
Length: Novel

After centuries of waiting, Alexi Torkilov has located his mate. Times are dangerous, and The Gathering is about to commence. There, he will finally acquire his woman. He learns of an imminent attack and as the Head Enforcer, he must lead his warriors into battle to save his people. The problem? His mate will be a member of the opposing force. She is a Pocatsu soldier, hated enemy of his kind and the terrorists hes spent his existence fighting.

Trained all her life to despise and kill vampires, Chanda Petruse is plagued with dreams of her enemy. He calls to her, night after night and in her heart and soul, she knows she must join him. Getting to where he is will be the easy part. Staying alive long enough to meet him face to face is much more difficult. Her chances are slim. The Society will kill her on sight, and the Pocatsu force leader wants her head. Resigned to her fate, Chanda boards the bus to her future.

Abuse, murder, training and mistrust have forged them in fire. If the flames grow hot enough, will their hearts melt or will it turn them to ashes?

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