Tree Sprite

How does a lonely tree sprite want to find her man? Flaming hot!
First of the Wizard Kin series.

Daniel has left his destroyed mountain home and is in search of a new place to live. He comes across a pretty glade with a single short, round tree occupying it and takes his rest underneath. Oleafia is a tree sprite, shunned by the surrounding forest sprites, and finding a sleeping man, proceeds to fall out of her tree and onto him. Literally.
Both lonely, they are each what the other needs in their lives. Though the fairy tale world they live in is a harsh one, and they are separate species, it matters little to them. What matters is that they complete each other. Daniel enthusiastically teaches the lovely, full-figured sprite all about sex and love, and Oleafia is a more than willing student from the moment she sees his huge branch. Through opposition from other sprites and a spelled glade, will they be able to form an unbreakable bond? Or, will they continue on their lonely ways?

This story contains explicit monogamous sex and graphic language.
Two Lips Reviews
4.5 Lips

It takes a really unusual approach to species of fantasy, and itís great. The humor is subtly intertwined, and it even contains object lessons.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars

Wizard Kin 1: Tree Sprite is a great story with an intriguing ending that makes me wonder if it is truly the end.

Ann Lee
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Stars

The story is engaging and I found myself wishing it would not end.

Caye Kimberley
Joyfully Reviewed

Tree Sprite left me with such a happy feeling after finishing it, that I look forward to reading more in the Wizard Kin series!

CoffeeTime Romance

3 Cups

WOW, Ms. Bryce penned a fascinating tale of mythical creatures, and did so with such vivid description it will hold you spellbound.