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Sept. 26, 2010
So, school. Lots and lots of schooling. Should be done by May of '11. I sure hope so, anyway. Time management kind of went out the window, and I'm lucky if I even get to open a WIP during the week. I'm trying to get better, but... Still working on the Society and Going Nowhere series. Yup, sure am.  Hoping to have at least the next Socety book done this year. And it's the end of September already. Better get cracking.

Mar 07, 2007

Alabama: We now live in Alabama. A lovely town in North East Alabama to be more specific. I'm busily updating my webpages because they fell so far behind. Sorry. Currently, I'm working on cleaning up a new vamp story (not related to The Society) to find out if anyone wants to contract it. Soon as that's done, Donovan's book. Wish me lu

Aug 15, 2
Holy Moly! Two books out this month. And a possible move. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this author is going to be busy. Check out
the news page or the available page for my new releases. I am so excited about both releases and Tree Sprite has already gotten a superb review. Well, back to giving stuff away.

July 3,
Welcome to July! My, this year is going by quickly. I update
d the news page because of a couple of announcements. I'm editing Tree Sprite now and am awaiting the cover, which the artist assures me she's hard at work on. I'm working hard on the next offering for Samhain and will let you know if it's contracted. The newest Society book will be sent to the editor for consideration hopefully by the end of this week. I think that's it. Look around, see the updates, and watch for contests and the like. As the dates for release come closer, I'll start poking my head into the various groups and giving stuff away.

Apr 2,
Here it is, April already. I am working on edits of Howling in the Moonlight which has been contracted with Loose Id. It's going along and I'm hoping it will be ready for public consumption soon. :) I'm still working on Enforcing Justice and waiting on contracts to be returned for Tree Sprite. Otherwise, it's just write, write, w

Mar 13,
Working hard on several things right now. The Society 3: Enforcing Justice is more than half written and I think it looks pretty good. Howling in the Moonlight is being reworked (with the editor's imput), and I'm also revamping Tree Sprite so I can resubmit (somewhere). I will keep you updated o
n the News page if and when these stories get contracts.

Feb 7
, 2006
  Still waiting on the word for Tree Sprite and Howling in the Moonlight, which has also been resubmitted. Waiting is nerve wracking. So, I'm biding my time and saving my nails, by working on TS3: Enforcing Justice. Going back and reworking something written before publication is a very difficult job. Lots of slooooow, tedious work. But, I'm getting there. Once I finish rewriting what had been previously written, I can continue on and hopefully, it will go quickly. I want everyone to have access to Chada. She is one tough woman.  Alexi will have his hands full. Back to work f
or me.

Jan 2
4 2006
  I have finished the Tree Sprite story and am in the process of submitting it to my editor. Whew. It's a short story, but I think I have packed in everything a good story needs. On to rewrites of Howling in the Moonlight again, but this time with the editor's input. After that, Enforcing Justice. I can't wait to get into that story.

P.S. I have found a title for Johann's stor
What do you

Jan 3
, 2006
  Midas' Treasure i
s OUT!

Dec 3
, 2005
  I am awaiting second edits of Midas' Treasure. In the interrim, I started a short story about a Tree Sprite. Oleafia isn't the usual tall, slim tree sprite. She is short and round, and so is her tree. Alone, and lonely in a glade, with just her solitary tree and the jeers of the sprites who lived in the nearby forest, she is curious when a humanoid male takes a nap in the shade of her tree.

Daniel is homeless and wandering. Lonely, tired, and still wearing the same clothes he had worn in a prolonged battle, he bathes in a stream he finds in a pretty glade. A short, round tree offers him the perfect napping spot, and he settles in to finally get some rest.

Curiosity brings Oleafia out of her tree and into the most titilating experience she has ever known.

The rest, well, guess I have to finish writing it
, huh?

November 4
, 2005
  I'm still waiting on edits for Midas' Treasure, so in the meantime, I rewrote Howling In the Moonlight. The beginning of a werewolf series of three books. Wish me luck, because today I sent the synopsis and the first and last chapters to the editor. Back to working on Alexi's

October 21
, 2005
  I am so excited! I got the cover for Midas' Treasure today!
I even got permission to post it. :) So, here it is.

Be sure to let me know what you think of Mykil (Midas) and A

October 13
, 2005
  Yippee for me! I have sent The Society 2: Midas' Treasure to the editor. Pre-edits are over and until I get it back to do first round of edits, I can work on something else.

That something else is called Howling in the Moonlight. The first of a three book series with werewolves. I like this story a lot and am trying to get it to the readers by doing some rewrites. My goal is to submit it to the editor for consideration soon. Will keep you up