Sept 26, 2010
    Wow, MLR Press is fast. Shifting Sands is now available in Ebook format, soon to be available in print as well (about two weeks is the rumor).

Sept, 25, 2010
    So, school tends to take a lot of time out of a day. That's what I've been doing, and I still have a ways to go. BUT, I do have a book coming out soon. It's an anthology with some very great writers. Ally Blue, J.L. Langley, Willa Okati, Jet Mykels, and Kimberly Gardner. I am happy, nay, extatic to say that this will be my first PRINT book. MLR Press is goig to publish it. It's a m/m paranormal/contemporary/cowboy story and I like the whole book. Anyway, I am still working on the Society book 4, and have tons of notes for Society 5 and for Going Nowhere 3. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten them, it's just that school...Okay, no more excuses. I'm working on it. Oh, the book is called Shifting Sands, and I will post links to it as soon as I have them.

Jan. 31, 2008
    Where does the time go? Here it is a whole new year. My oldest told me that I really needed to update this page. :) Here's the update. When I went to RT2007, I hung out with the best m/m writers in the industry (my opinion anyway), and they encouraged me to write my own m/m story. And Then... is the result of that endeavor and Changeling Press was kind enough to publish it for me so that you could get it. Don't forget to check out the My Books page in case you've missed anything. I'm working on TS4, and am also attending Community College to get an edjumakashun. 40 and finally getting schooled. <sigh> Well, I've updated the page, now I should use the rest of the time between classes to write. Just might do that. Tell me what you think of the revamped My Books page, too. I love to hear from readers. It keeps me motivated.

March 07, 2007
Yes, it's been a while. Been slacking. Okay, so I did move across the country and all that, but heck, that's no excuse.
The Society 3: Enforcing Justice is now available and I urge you to get it. I love this story, the heroine is one of my favorites, and Alexi sure turned out different than I expected. <G> I decided to get rid of the multiple blogs I had running since I didn't actually have time to write in them, and started a My Space instead. At this time, it's still a WIP, so don't be too harsh. That's all the news I have for now, but keep in touch. You never know when I might sneak something in here.

August 15, 2006
Two releases, two publishers, one month. Color me excited. Samhain Publishing released Tree Sprite on the 1st, and Loose-Id Publishing released Howling In The Moonlight today (the 15th). How much fun can one girl have? I'll tell you; A LOT! Tree Sprite has gotten a great review and I've posted a link on TS page. Check it out. And now that the long, long, long awaited Howling in the Moonlight has been released, I'm hopping around, just as happy as can be. Hope you all like them both.

July 13, 2006
Wow! Posting again. Here's the deal. WK1: Tree Sprite has a cover. Anne Cain did a stupendous job on it and well, I can only say, it's perfect. Thanks, Doll. I love it.

July 3, 2006
As we prepare for the celebration of the Independence of America, I have a short update. GN1: Howling In the Moonlight has a cover! I think the artist did a wonderful, fabulous, tremendous job. First try too. Thanks to Christine Rigeway for the great job and muah! WK1: Tree Sprite is in edits as we speak and it has a release date. Both stories have pages on the publisher sites and I'm getting excited. I'll be sure to let you know when I get a cover for Tree Sprite.

April 10, 2006
My family and I would like to extend condolences to a member of my critique group. Laura Shinn has suffered the devastating loss of both of her parents in the last week, and we offer our sympathies. To Laura and her family... take care. We're here for you if and when you need us.

April, 9, 2006
All contracts are in, and I've updated My Books page. Check it out and be sure to click on the temporary covers. Now I get to do the editing. Wish me luck.

Mar 15, 2006
Tree Sprite was picked up by Samhain publishing today. Woohoo! There's no way I'm leaving Loose-id, since they are a great company, but for the stories that they don't cover, Samhain is there for me. I think it will work out great for me. It will be a while before Tree Sprite is out, but you can be patient can't you?

Mar 13, 2006
  I have been very busy for the last while. First, I want to mention the new reviews that have been posted on Regulating Archimedes and Midas' Treasure. A 5 and a 4 for Midas's Treasure and a 4 for Regulating Archimedes. Woohoo!
   Second, the Links page has been updated as well. I think it's really starting to flesh out.
   I've been hard at work on several things. :) You can check out what, on my
W.I.P. page.

Feb 16, 2006
(a little later)
  OH MY GOSH! Again!!! I received an e-mail this morning from Donna Zapf of ECataRomance. She e'ed me to inform me that TS1: Regulating Archimedes had won the bi-annual Reviewers Choice Award. I read the e-mail three times before I understood it. ECataRomance has a great reputation with the reader and writer contingency and I'm freaking thrilled to be on their winners list. Thank you, ECataRomance, and thank you readers.

Feb 16, 2006
  I have added a new promo item to my craft page. I was sitting around wondering if the item I wanted to make for Johann's book (The Society 4) was possible and if so, how long would it take to make. The item in question took about 4 hours to fasion but I think I can cut that down considerably. Tell me what you think.

Feb 14, 2006
  OH MY GOSH! I have been nominated for the 2005 CAPA award at The Romance Studio for the New Author category. I am so excited that I'm not sure I can hang on for a whole month to find out who wins.
   Congratulations to all the nominees.

Feb 7, 2006
  I've added a new review to the Midas' Treasure page. Just Erotic Romance Reviews has given it 4 stars and a damned great review. Make sure you check the JERR newsletter and when they give me a link, I will post it. And be sure to check out my WIP page. One last thing. I tried working on my domain e-mail and blew it. I will have to wait 3 MONTHS to be able to try again. *sigh* Oh well, you can still e-mail me at Brenda's Gmail account until I figure it out.

Jan 26, 2006
   I have updated the webpage. Well, I started anyway. Tell me what you think. I love positive feedback. The negative comments... you can send those to me too, but I probably will never mention them. Unless they are really creative and then I will talk about it endlessly.