Well, I think I can answer that. Brenda Bryce is a world-renowned author, who has dabbled in being a supermodel, a NASCAR driver, a fighter pilot...

Oh, wait! That's not me, that's my alterego.

Brenda Bryce is really an author of paranormal romances, a mother of three teenagers, the wife of a really hot guy, and the family chauffeur.

When not writing, I am playing with yarn, reading, chatting on AOL instant messenger, or watching something on educational television. I truly love
Animal Planet, Discovery, History, TLC, and Nickelodeon. Sometimes I do all the above at once.

I love to hear from my adoring fans... sigh. Sorry, alterego jumped in there for a second. I love to hear from YOU, so don't be afraid to e-mail me.

And since I know you want to know all about me, I recently did an interview with
Romance Junkies. Had a great time, too.
I met my hubby while I was in A.I.T. (Advanced Individual Training *the actual schooling to learn your job*) in the U.S. Army. We lived in the same dormatory-like facility. Our three teens are all in high school, and approaching graduation at an alarming rate.

Southern California is where we are;** living, fighting traffic, trying not to get too much smog in the lungs, and enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather. No, we aren't the universally conceived beach bums, nor do we surf. We are desert rats and in twenty years of living here, I've been to the beach a total of three times. While I occasionally do say
Dude!, it's not the only word I know. So, if you do meet me face to face, please, don't ask how the waves are. I don't know.

I know! Mind boggling, isn't it? Another stereotype, dashed to bits.

While on the slippery slope to joining the four decade age group, I'm still hip and cool. My teens of course, will dispute that self-description, but what do they know? They are Drama, JROTC, and Computer geeks.

I grew up in Tampa, Florida, and the one thing I don't miss is the humidity. The desert is ever so much better on an asthmatic, but one must remember sunscreen and lots of water. Eventually, say twenty or thirty years of experiencing them, on may get used to earthquakes. Small ones that is. Big ones, well, find a doorjam and cuss. A lot. Works for me.

I can't actually think of anything else right now, but if you want to know, and I can think of an answer, be sure to e-mail me with your suggestions or questions.

** This past year(2006) we packed up the family and moved to North Eastern Alabama. That's why the webpage hasn't been updated for a LONG time. So far, we love our new town, the traffic is all of 5 cars at the stoplight, the smog is nonexistent and the people are really friendly. It's cold though. We are used to 50 degree F. winters and it's been getting way below 32 degrees F. Good thing I make afghans as a hobby. I'll let you know how the summers are when it hits. (03-07-2007)
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